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Winter Is Almost Over, It’s Time To Prepare Your Lawn.

Winter is almost over, it’s time to prepare your lawn.

Winter is almost over, it’s time to prepare your lawn.It may still be a bit fresh outside, and you may be noticing that your lawn is looking a bit tired, but don’t despair because now is the perfect time to start preparing your lawn for summer!

The colder days and nights of late winter is the ideal time to start solving any lawn problems you noticed while the warm weather has been on holiday, because there is less growth and more unwanted inhabitants, such as weeds.

At Fence and Garden, we relish the idea of winter. It’s a time to start fresh, solve problems, rid weeds and fertilise; some of our favourite things to do for the gardens of the Sunshine Coast.

When identifying problems with your lawn, start looking for patches where bindii, broad-leafed weeds, clover, dandelions, capeweed, cudweeds, and thistles may be growing.

If your lawn is either kikuyu or couch, we recommend herbicides containing the ingredient Dicamba, however, you will need to use a specialised herbicide on new lawns and buffalo. Always check directions to make sure that the product is right for your grass, or ask an expert at Fence and Garden.

Next, you will need to look into an excellent fertiliser, preferably a slow-release fertiliser that will continue to release nutrients for up to three months.

Our team at Fence and Garden recommend you fertilise in late August, as this is the optimum time for your lawn to take full advantage of the new season and start soaking up some of those nutrients ready for new summer growth.

Winter is almost over, it’s time to prepare your lawn.When it comes to feeding a lawn, it’s important to make sure that the soil hasn’t become too acidic. Most lawn fertilisers are quite acidic, so you may need to do a pH test. It is good to do a check once every couple of years and aim to get the pH to around about 6 to 7,which is close to neutral.

Lastly is to aerate the lawn before the end of winter, when the soil is compacted from the weather and in desperate need of movement. This will also allow nutrients to get down into the roots and of course, it provides that all vital winter moisture.

Do this by energetically pushing a fork as far as possible vertically into the soil. For best results, the team at Fence and Garden can organise a mechanical aerator.

Now get to work! Summer is just around the corner and your lawn can’t wait. For expert advice, call the team at Fence and Garden.

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