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When To Add Topsoil To Your Lawn

When to add topsoil to your lawn

Top Soil - Fence and Garden Sunshine CoastGrass, like us, needs food.

And the best way to make sure your grass gets the right nutrition to grow and thrive is to build up the soil.

Topsoil is the best way to treat lawn that is looking a little tired; helping to improve drainage and increase resistance against disease and pests.

Now is the best time to add topsoil to your lawn, before the true heat of summer hits the Sunshine Coast.

At Fence and Garden, we recommend you mow the lawn quite low to the ground with a rotary mower equipped with a catcher.

Once this is done, it’s time to aerate the soil. Core aeration removed plugs of soil from the ground and leaves channels for air, water, and topsoil to penetrate the surface.

Next, spread the topsoil mix evenly over the desired area, then rake, level or broom it into the lawn profile.

We do not recommend that you over dress the soil, and as a rule of thumb, we say to spread about 1 cm of soil in a single application.

After the topsoil is applied, give the lawn a good watering, which should make the topsoil almost disappear.

Topsoil mixture can be found in most lawn care and garden nurseries, although at Fence and Garden we recommend you find a product with mostly organic ingredients so you’re not introducing unwanted chemicals to your yard.

If done properly, topsoil can improve the lawn, and even addresses some common lawn problems, including:

  • Low spots due to rotting tree roots.
  • Uneven terrain caused by water runoff.
  • Compacted soil in high-traffic areas or low-lying places where water pools.
  • Bare spots in soil texture and nutrients, heat, drought, or other environmental damage.
  • Depletion of nutrients due to leaching, neglect, or repeated use of chemical fertilisers.
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