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What Autumn Brings To Your Garden

What Autumn brings to your garden

This summer has been brutal here on the Sunshine Coast.

Don’t you agree?

With little to no rain all season, there is little wonder we have any green left in our gardens at all. Sprinklers have become our best friend here at Sunshine Coast Fence and Garden, as we have tried to ward off the crunch of dying grass, and the speckled brown spots on our thirsty plants. It’s needless to say how much we are looking forward to Autumn, and hopefully, it brings with it plenty of rain to brighten up our backyards again!

Fence and Garden PlantingAutumn really is the best time for planting, especially after a good rainfall. In autumn the soil is still warm, which allows new plants to establish good root growth, which tends to slow in winter. It’s also the perfect time to reinvent your garden, pull out any sick or struggling plants and replace them with something new and exciting. We encourage you to also add a bit of mulch to our gardens for autumn, which will help the soil hold in moisture, so you don’t have to water it as often (a relief from the relentless watering over summer).

Fence and Garden Watering

Autumn is also a great time to fertilise your lawn and bring some life back into the leaves after the heat of summer. It’s also a great time to fertilise because the introduced nutrients will protect your lawn through the winter months. If you’re after another gardening job for Autumn preparation, think about pruning those trees. Pruning helps improve the health and appearance of your trees, removes dead or dying branches, and it can even promote crop growth in fruit trees.

Remember, the new season doesn’t mean you should slack off on watering your garden either. Our rule of thumb here at Sunshine Coast Fence and Garden is: if it doesn’t rain, water it.

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