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Summer Tips For Your Lawn & Gardens

Summer Tips for Your Lawn & Gardens

Summer on the Sunshine Coast this year has been very hot & humid – which is a stressful time for all lawns and gardens. It is a good time to look at what we need to do over the remainder of the summer and afterwards to keep everything healthy and looking good.

De-Thatch and Use a Deep Watering Technique for Your Lawn

If your lawn is heavily thatched – water sits on the top and doesn’t penetrate down to the root system effectively. It will evaporate away and you don’t get the full benefit of watering. An easy fix is to de-thatch your lawn – ideally before summer.

Wetting agents are also great as they will help the water to penetrate deeply to the root system and also help the soil soak up more water, retaining it near the roots for longer periods.

Given the heat and lack of rain we have experienced this summer, it is best to keep mowing the lawn regularly and watering often – that will keep the weeds away and lead to less invasion of the grass into your surrounding garden beds – just  make sure you mow on a higher height though so you don’t stress the lawn too much.

Lawn Care on really hot days

The best thing to do is to give the lawn a very deep watering on the mornings following very hot days.  Don’t mow or put the lawn under any further stress on these days – don’t apply any weed killers, chemicals or fertiliser.

Garden Care in SummerGarden Care on Hot Summer Days

The same rules generally apply for your plants as well.  Don’t fertilise or apply any horticultural oils on really hot days.  Water your garden regularly – avoid the temptation to overwater it on hot days – just water it more frequently early in the mornings before the heat of the day sets in.  Don’t prune or transplant anything when it’s really hot – Leaf coverage helps keep the plants cool in the summer.

You can also add more mulch if you have it it to help keep the soil cooler and keep the moisture locked in.

Potted plants can be moved to more shady areas to keep them cooler.  Make sure you keep the soil moist as they will tend to dry out very quickly in the heat.

The veggie patch can be watered in the early mornings, keeping the beds well mulched.  Use some shadecloth if the sun is burning the veggies.

The heat of the summer is the hardest time to care for your garden and lawn but with a little planning and attention – you should be able to keep them healthy and well cared for over the long hot summer.

As always – if you need any advice or are looking for some specialist attention for your gardens or lawns – give the team at Fence & Garden a call on 07 5456 4126

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