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Summer Garden Tips

Summer Garden Tips

Summer is here, and so is more intense and prolonged heatwaves.


We know that heat and lack of rain dries out the soil and scorches plants, but there are things you can do to help your garden survive this summer and get through the predicted extreme weather season.


Be prepared and check the weather

Keep an ear out for the weather reports and, if heatwave conditions are predicted, take some simple precautions. Apply as much water as you can in the evening or morning before the temperature rises.


Potted Plants
Move pots into the shade and water them well. During heat waves, it’s a good idea to fill pot sauces with water, as the plants can draw on that water during the day.


Summer Garden Tips – Fence & GardenWater effectively
You can over water during summer, especially if you’re worried about the heat. It’s therefore a good idea to check to see if you really do need to water. Your finger makes a terrific in-built moisture-testing device. Push your finger through the mulch layer and check to see if the soil is moist. If it feels dry, it’s definitely time to water. Try to apply enough


This is the best way to retain moisture and keep the roots of the plants safe from the harsh sun. Mulch will also help retain water in the soil and prevent the good nutrients from leaching out.


Summer Garden Chores - Fence & GardenKeep the lawns long
Bare, weed-infested lawns are symptoms of scalping, which means cutting lawns too low. Instead, mow lawns as high as your mower permits. Longer turf wears better and stops the grass from burning in the hot sun.


Keep summer bugs away

Garden pests like mites will be more common problems this summer, thanks to higher temperatures. To keep these bugs at bay, be on the lookout for mottled leaves and spidery webs created by mites, leaf holes left by caterpillars and yellowing plants from sap sucking aphids. Carefully apply a spray will help control these common pests.

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