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Refreshing Your Timber Fencing On The Sunshine Coast

Refreshing your Timber Fencing on the Sunshine Coast

Summer is almost with us again and with the increase in rain we are seeing here on the Sunshine Coast at this time of year comes the possibility of dirt, mould and moss accumulating on your damp wooden fences.  Some simple upkeep on your timber fencing can lengthen its life and keep it looking good for years to come.

Here are some ideas to consider using to refresh your fence.

Give it a Wash

Give the fence a thorough clean with a pressure washer.  Underneath that grey, weathered exterior a fresh look will still remain!  All you have to do is remove the surface layer of aged wood cells to expose a fresh layer of wood.

Remember to be careful though, as pressure cleaning can be aggressive – it will strip off wood as well as dirt and grime – so be sure to test the pressure on a small area first so you don’t damage your fence.  It’s best to use a clean that operates at less than 2000 psi to clean timber fencing.  Higher pressures will more than likely damage your fence.

A good wash with a pressure cleaner will make the job easier and should leave the fence almost ready for a new coat of stain or paint – whichever you prefer.

Assess it for repairs and simple maintenance

Refresh your timber fencingSome simple repairs and maintenance will add years to the life of a timber fence.  Check and replace broken or split palings, make sure each paling is nailed securely and repair any small cracks or broken pieces.  Countersink any protruding nails and screws and check the posts for any signs of rot or damage around the base.

Be realistic about the state of the fence.  If the damage is too extensive, you may be better off replacing the fence entirely rather than trying to repair it.  Contact us to assess your timber fence if you are unsure about any aspect of it or to see if it can be repaired rather than replaced.

Re-stain it to add years of life

Refresh your timber fencingApplying a stain to the timber fence will bring out it’s natural warmth and will add years to it’s life.  You might prefer to paint it rather than stain it, but the concept of protecting the wood with a stain or paint is the same – make it look good and keep it fresh for years to come!

Make sure you have left the fence to dry for at least 24-48 hours after washing and repairs before you start to paint.  It must be completely dry before you attempt to add any stain or paint to it.

If you choose to stain it, go with a natural stain that will enhance the natural colours of the wood, or something tinted to suit the style and colouring of your house and garden.  For paints, you may need to apply a good undercoat first to seal the timber before applying a good exterior grade paint.

There are a huge range of great ideas for bringing life to a home or garden area with colours and covers for your timber fencing.  Talk to our landscaping team if you need any help or ideas for your property.

Want to go a bit further…add some greenery or flowers

If your fence looks a little plain, you can always spruce it up by adding a bit of greenery along the base or using flowers, wall hangings or hanging baskets and hanging gardens to add some like and flair to your yard.  Take a look at the Better Homes and Gardens site for some great ideas on wall gardens or planting around fencing.

Refreshing your timber fencing doesn’t have to be difficult but it can be a bit daunting.  Get in touch with the team at Fence & Garden for help and advice on your Timber Fencing if you need to!

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