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The Goal:

When trimming and pruning your trees, it needs to be done with a purpose.

The aim with pruning is to:

  • remove dead branches to prevent disease and pests control its spread and growth
  • make the plant healthier
  • encourage new growth
  • increase the plants flowers and fruit

Pruning the right toolsThe Right Tool:

Having the right tool for the job is important.

Your tools need to be clean and sharp.

The cut needs to be clean to ensure a pest and disease free plant

The Right Time:

A great time to remove dead branches and shape your plants and trees.

This is the time to check for branches rubbing on each other, the plants creating to much shade or the plants just getting to big.

If your trees are getting to close to power lines or too over grown remember to call in the experts as they will have the right tools and safety equipment to do the job.

Be prepared for late winter to prune to promote new regrowth

Check out “Yates Gardening Pruning Tips” which provides a more comprehensive list of pruning activities.

What to prune:

A general rule is not to cut away more than 25% of its branches as this will potentially compromise the health of the tree

Competitive Branches – These are usually off the main branch and will weaken the tree
Crossing Branches – From the branches rubbing across each other the area can lead to decay and disease
 Watersprouts – These branches often grow from around the trunk and can be taxing on the tree
 Suckers – These shoot from the base or root system and effect the trees natural shape.

If you need any advice or assistance with your lawn or gardens here on the Sunshine Coast, contact the team at Fence & Garden to talk to our experts!

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