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Maintaining The Retaining Walls In Your Garden

Maintaining The Retaining Walls in Your Garden

In today’s housing landscape, with the variety of housing estates popping up on the Sunshine Coast, retaining walls are becoming the norm.

Retaining walls are often found in backyards where extra support is needed to prevent the earth from moving downhill, and there are many types of materials that can be used to create retaining walls like concrete blocks, poured concrete, treated timbers, rocks or boulders.

However, it is the maintenance of these retaining walls that often gets forgotten by homeowners, and yet simple gardening techniques can protect your retaining wall and keep it looking presentable for the future.

If you see weeds – remove them!pulling-weeds-out

Unfortunately, weeds can grow just about anywhere; even between concrete! A Fence and Garden on the Sunshine Coast, we continuously recommend that it’s best to pull these weeds when they appear, or apply a spray once a year the way you would with your grass. This will prevent them from growing stronger and potentially impacting the performance of your wall. Our team can recommend the right weed deterrents for the job if you’re unsure on what works best on retaining walls.

Remove debris as often as possible.

Leaves, sticks, and dirt can often find themselves stranded on retaining walls, creating a natural mulching environment for weeds. However, there is another problem that can occur if they accumulate, especially over the winter, and this is that they might discolor the surface of the retaining wall.

Being vigilant and making sure you remove any debris from the retaining wall is the best prevention for both weeds and discolouration.

To protect your retaining wall you also should make sure to wash salts and chemicals of the surface. And if the finish begins to wear, we recommend that you should talk to our team at Fence and Garden about sealing it again.

Think about the surrounding areas.

The areas surrounding your retaining wall should also be a priority when it comes to maintenance of the overall aesthetic of the retaining wall.

Whether paved, covered in mulch or turfed these areas provide an important function for the wall as they capture any water that may run off the wall. At Fence and Garden on the Sunshine Coast, we recommend that you replant bare areas and encourage the growth of ground covers and flowers. Most importantly look for areas of erosion and re-landscape if necessary. A little bit of work can prevent major erosion and therefore real problems.

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