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Is It Time For A Low-maintenance Garden?

Is it time for a low-maintenance garden?

Low Maintenance PlantsMost of us just don’t have the time when it comes to getting out in the garden to pull weeds, plant, re-plant, water and fertilise.

Many people are looking for convenience in their home lives, without the hassle of domestic chores on weekends, which sadly includes our gardens.

There is a big shift towards low-maintenance gardening on the Sunshine Coast, with many homeowners making the switch as we make our way into peak planting season.

Many trees and shrubs native to Queensland only need an annual tidy-up, and season pruning can be achieved just twice a year if you know what to plant.

Here at Fence and Garden Sunshine Coast, we can provide a wealth of inspiration and help you create fabulous low-maintenance scenes in your garden.

When choosing plants for your low-maintenance garden, you need to think about creating a space with elements such as stone, succulents, and drought tolerant plants.

Large, sculptural agaves and various mid-sized aloes are a great way to fill in space, with their wonderful shapes and evergreen foliage.

You can also consider adding some seasonal colour with rich purple blooms of Mexian Bush Sage (Salvia Leucantha), and some Mexican Marigold (Tagetes lemmonii), which is rich in golden yellow. Both these varieties are drought tolerant and will have long-lasting blooms… even when you forget to water.

You can also create a low-maintenance succulent border with echeverias, which come in a variety of colours and shapes.

These are widely regarded as one of the most beautiful succulents. Evergreen, they form attractive rosettes of fleshy leaves and often resemble plum-petaled roses. These look incredible scattered in the garden bed, or even a pot plant, with little to no maintenance required.

Our Favourite Agave: Agave Attenuata (Fox Tail Agave)

Unlike many agaves, this evergreen succulent produces handsome rosette of silvery, pale green leaves up to 1.2m, which makes it a true feature in any garden.

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