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Pool Fencing Solutions from fence&garden

Glass and aluminium powdercoated pool fencing can add real value to your view and bring style and conformity to your garden.

It is also important to have the fencing installed by a competent person who will understand how to apply pool safety regulations to your particular situation.

We know how to build secure pool fencing that complies with the latest legislation.

Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

Frameless Glass Fencing
Frameless glass pool fencing is a sophisticated and elegant solution to providing a safe outdoor area around the pool. A glass pool fence is a safe, strong, low maintenance way to protect your family without hindering the view.
Ideal for level sites.

Powder Coated Pool Fencing

Powdercoated aluminium pool fencing
Garden and pool fencing with simple, clean and stylish lines. It offers a cheap way of protecting the children as well as having minimal impact on your living space. Available in black and cream and grey colours.
Aluminium Pool and Boundary Fencing is easy to install and is constructed from long lasting, rust free aluminium that is strong yet light and easy to transport.

Important Information about Pool Safety

We all know the purpose of pool fencing is to safeguard young children from drowning or injury in outdoor swimming pools. But no amount of fencing will prevent accidents due to lack of supervision. We believe combining water awareness with swimming lessons as early as possible can also save lives. Visit or call 1800 340 634 for expert advice on all aspects of pool safety.

As well as Brisbane Council’s excellent website, most regional councils have extensive resources on their websites.  Brisbane & Sunshine Coast Council websites can be found at:

Brisbane Council – Pool Fencing Safety Regulations

Sunshine Coast – Pool Safety

Important message for all pool owners

By 30/11/2015 all pool owners in Queensland are required to have a valid Pool Safety Certificate. If you are letting your property with a pool or selling it you are already required to have a current Pool Safety Certificate.

You will be able to locate a Pool Safety Inspector at

If you want to know more, the Queensland Development Codes Mandatory Part 3.4 provides all the information, plus detailed diagrams, for the current requirements for pool safety barriers. Visit for details.

We know how to build secure pool fencing that complies with the latest legislation – but ultimately its the opinion of your pool Safety Inspector or Certifier that counts.

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