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Essential Tools For The Gardener

Essential tools for the gardener

Summer is a great time for growing plants, and in order to do that correctly you will need the right tools for the job!
Gardening can be a fantastic hobby and quite relaxing if you have the equipment at hand, especially when it comes to maintenance and planting. From producing crunchy vegetables and herbs to maintaining beautiful flower beds, gardening just isn’t possible without the appropriate tools.
So, to help you in your gardening adventures this summer, our team at Fence and Garden Sunshine Coast and compiled a list of gardening tool must-haves, which will set you up for a successful planting season.


If you don’t like getting dirt under your fingernails, or have a sensitivity to some plant species, then gardening gloves are a must-have. Gardening gloves should be thick enough to protect your hands, but not so thick to hinder your finger movement when working with weeds and planting new shrubs, which may be quite delicate.


A trowel is one of those tools necessary for creating the perfect garden bed and digging into the earth. They are especially helpful when it comes to creating small holes for seed, digging out weeds and moving plants around the garden.


A gardener wouldn’t be complete without a spade – it is the most essential tool you can buy for your garden. A good spade will make light of digging holes for plants and shovelling dirt. If you can afford it, we recommend you grab a spade with a strong steel head and a thick fiberglass handle.


In Queensland, watering your garden is a must. If you don’t, well, it’s pretty obvious what’s going to happen, isn’t it?

Garden Scissors/Pruners

There are times when you will need to remove dead branches and leaves, or trim back your plant growth. These tools will do the job much more effectively than regular scissors as it could injure the plant.


From small to large gardens, trust us when we say that a wheelbarrow will come in handy. Wheelbarrows allow you to easily move soil around the garden and can make clearing away debris much less time consuming.

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