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Christmas / New Year Garden Project Ideas

Christmas / New Year Garden Project Ideas

Are you one to make a New Year’s resolution and never stick to it? Well, we have an easy one for you: create a small and manageable garden.

It’s no secret to us here at Fence and Garden on the Sunshine Coast that many people view a garden in two very different ways: a paradise or the sight of unfinished jobs.

To give you some New Year inspiration and also give your garden an instant lift, here are our favourite easy garden ideas that will spruce up your space.

Planting BulbsCreate a companion plant garden

Group plants strategically based on what grows well with others and will help them thrive. For example strong smelling herbs such as thyme grow well next to roses.

Plant succulents – they are indestructible

Instead of constantly battling with plants you just can’t seem to keep alive, invest in succulents that can cope without a daily water, and are basically indestructible.

Plant herbs or bulbs in jars and tins

Create a pretty display with recycled jam jars and food tins. Just remember to place a layer of stones at the base of the jars, and pop holes in the bottom of tins for drainage.


Here is how to create a beautiful gardening centrepiece for a dinner table using everyday garden items.

What you will need:

8 miniature terracotta pots

Poster putty, such as Blu-tack

8 dinner candles, in red and white

1 wire seedling/potting rack, or wire tray

Wire or string (optional)

Fresh sprigs of herbs, evergreens, climbers and berries (use artificial if fresh are unavailable)

Step 1

Press a ball of poster putty into the bottom of each pot. Secure a candle into the poster putty, one per pot.

Step 2

Place the pots into the wire rack, securing with wire or string if necessary.

Step 3

Arrange fresh or artificial sprigs of leaves, twigs and berries around the candles in the pots, making sure to include a mixture of colours and textures in each pot.

Step 4

Once the rack is in place on the table, extend the sprigs and foliage from the rack onto the table, if desired, to complete the centrepiece.

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