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Picking the right hedge - Fence and Garden

Picking the right hedge

Hands up who wants to be able to sunbake in…

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Retaining Wall Banner

Protecting Timber Retaining walls – Looking out for Wood Rot

Do you have a timber retaining wall? When was the…

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Fighting Winter Weeds

Fight Winter Weeds

If you love your lawn, then you’ll hate winter weeds.…

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Queensland Autumn Landscaping

Top Tips for Autumn Landscaping

A thoughtfully landscaped garden is the key to creating an…

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Best Winter Flowers for your Garden

Best Winter Flowers for your Garden

It doesn’t seem like it right now but winter is…

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Fence and Garden Feb Blog Featured

What Autumn brings to your garden

This summer has been brutal here on the Sunshine Coast.…

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Watering Lawn in Summer

Watering Tips for Summer

If you’re one of these gardeners who hates the look…

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Fence + Garden - Tools

Essential tools for the gardener

Summer is a great time for growing plants, and in…

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The Waratah

Our top Australian Natives to plant in your garden

The most spectacular thing about living out our dreams as…

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Fence and Garden Gall Wasp

Insecticides … Fungicides …. Herbicides ……

As gardeners who love the outdoors, and of course our…

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Top Soil - Fence and Garden Sunshine Coast

When to add topsoil to your lawn

Grass, like us, needs food. And the best way to…

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Maintaining The Retaining Walls in Your Garden

In today’s housing landscape, with the variety of housing estates…

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