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Best Winter Flowers For Your Garden

Best Winter Flowers for your Garden

It doesn’t seem like it right now but winter is coming, and soon your Sunshine Coast garden will be blooming with colour – not to mention the incredible floral scents.

Winter flowers are some of our favourites here at Fence and Garden Sunshine Coast, with their bright and vibrant colours adding seasonal beauty to garden beds across our beach-side communities.

If you’re looking to brighten up your garden now is the time to do it by adding some winter plants to the soil – and providing them with a little bit of green-thumb love.

To help you decide the best bloom for your backyard, here is a list of Fence and Garden Sunshine Coast’s top winter flowers for your garden.

Winter AconitesWinter Aconites

Winter Aconites beam a golden glow into the garden and will open their buttercup-like blooms at the earliest chance. These Buttercup relatives spread their beautiful yellow flowers in even the harshest winter conditions but usually show their glowing selves in early spring.

Snow Drops

This delicate bell-shaped flower is one of the best garden time-tellers, blooming with spring-anticipation in the dead of winter. With eye-catching elegance, Snow Drops will add quaint beauty to any garden bed, brightening the way for the Spring flowers to follow.

Daphne Odora

One of the best things about winter in the garden is the smell of Daphne Odora. Famed for its intense rose-citrus perfume, the Daphne Odora also offers a beautiful visual impact to the garden. As one of our favourites here at Fence and Garden Sunshine Coast, we would recommend this sweet-smelling plant to all our green thumbs.

Sarcococca (sweet box)Sarcococca (sweet box)

Sweet box is a common evergreen here on the Sunshine Coast. With a delightful smell it will look fantastic in pots on the patio, or just outside the back door. They are tough plants with leathery leaves and red, black or purple berries which follow the small, creamy-white flowers.

Hardy Geranium

These beauties are among the most popular garden perennials –  and it’s easy to see why. The flower colour ranges from strong or subtle shades of violets, blues, pinks, magenta, and stunning white. They are cold-weather hardy too, which makes them perfect for winter gardens (even on the Sunshine Coast).

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