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About fence&garden

Fence and Garden is a family business, dedicated to producing high quality landscapes and fencing of all types for our clients.

We each bring a range of technical skills to the business, so the business can offer a wide range of options for getting your project completed.

Like many people at our end of the construction industry, we had a rural start to our working lives, so we are not shy about hard work outside.

Over the last ten years we’ve worked with development companies, civil contractors, mining service contractors and Whitsunday resort refurbishments

Eight years ago we added landscaping for builders to the operation, working from layout plans and building confidence in our ability to work on multiple sites and deliver on time consistently. We have been landscaping for private clients for the last three years, dealing with very different clients and design challenges.

We’ve learned to deal with a large and diverse range of clients, and we’ve discovered the value of networking to find experts who can get the job done well and on time.

We are committed to high standards of excellence in all aspects of our work, by using quality materials, demonstrating professionalism, and providing prompt and efficient service.

We never forget that our business depends on our relationship with you: its your project!

Fence&Garden - Landscaping specialists

Fence&Garden - Landscaping specialists

Fence& Garden - QBCC & Master Builder Certified

Call us today to arrange a FREE QUOTE for your next fence, garden or landscaping project!

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