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Welcome to fence&garden

Fence and Garden is a dedicated fencing & landscaping company based in the Sunshine Coast. We service the Queensland coast and hinterland.

Our team has over 40 years fencing and landscaping experience, and we get our job satisfaction out of working with you to achieve your outcomes. We can construct your fence or garden in the style you want promptly and efficiently.

We deliver a consistent, professional finish to your garden and fencing. Each project is custom-built to meet both the customer and site specifications and to comply with the Australian Safety Standards and Building Codes.

We can also supply the materials for you to build your fence and the tools and DIY information to do it. Our yard is conveniently placed at Shed 30, 354 Mons Road, Forest Glen – one minute from the Bruce Highway

Our company has a number of earthmovers, trucks, machines and most importantly, capable, experienced installers to get your job done quickly and efficiently. But with increasingly narrow blocks these days, the wheelbarrow and shovel will never be out of work.

From digging the post holes for your fence to laying the last piece of turf usually takes two days on a new property. On established properties we consult with you to work to your routine, to ensure the least disruption to your home life.

We aim to deliver value for money, so that next time… you will remember us.

We look forward to working with you.

Our Services

Fence & Garden - Landscaping ServicesGardens & Landscaping

Fence & Garden - Fencing SolutionsFencing Solutions

Fence & Garden - Structural ServicesStructural Services

“It’s the sheer joy of seeing things grow and helping them to grow, even harvesting the stuff that you’ve grown yourself, no matter how old you are”

Peter Cundall

“Nature is our greatest teacher.”

Edna Walling

Proudly serving the Sunshine Coast and South East Queensland region. Contact us today to discuss your next project!

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